Pfsense openvpn lan access no wan (internet) access

  • I can't figure out what's wrong here - I've used the wizard to create an openvpn server and firewall rules.  I can access my lan just fine but no wan (internet) access.  I've checked the box to redirect all traffic to the tunnel from the client which seems to be the issue.  It works without this checked of course.  Any thoughts as to what is going on?

  • I am assuming you are connecting from an outside "road warrior" client to the OpenVPN server on the pfSense. You see the LAN behind the pfSense fine. Now you want your general internet access to go from the outside client, across the OpenVPN link to pfSense, then out to the internet. For that, the traffic coming off the OpenVPN server end and going to WAN and thus to the internet will need to have NAT applied (otherwise it will go out with the source IP of some internal private OpenVPN tunnel IP).
    I think you need to enable Manual Outbound NAT and add rules to NAT traffic - source OpenVPN tunnel subnet, destination !LANnet, NAT to WANaddress.

  • OF COURSE!!!! I enabled AON a few months ago and forgot!  Adding the outbound NAT rule fixed the issue.  THANK YOU!

  • I have this issue, but I have created an Outbound NAT rule for the VPN. I still cannot access the internet. I'm sure I the issue is right in my face, but can't seem to figure it out. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Please create a new thread for your issue. This one is 5 years old.

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