OpenVPN Failover Peer to Peer

  • Hi @ all  ;D

    I have one question (perhaps I think in the wrong direction…):

    As you can see in the attachment I have @ the moment to pfSense-FW which have a VPN (OpenVPN) to connect the networks and
    No problem at this point. Is working, cann communicate with all servers on both sides. pfSense with IP is the OpenVPN Server (Peer to Peer / Tunnel Network in this case and is the Client.
    But now I wish to have the Client ( to connect to the second pfSense ( if the first one ( is unreachable.
    I have configuered the second server as well with the same config as openvpn server but with a different tunnel network (
    Now my Problem:
    I have the first pfSense ( as default GW in the network. Is the tunnel connected to this one.. no problem
    If (in any case) the WAN-Interface is not reachable then the Client will connect to the second one (this is working) but I can't set a static route ( --> because if tunnel is connectet to this will not work. Is there any possibility to handle this?
    Perhaps NAT all tunnel traffic to the Tunnel Net. Than I could route to and to
    Any other solutions?

    hopefully it is clear what I try to do   ???

    Forgotten to say pfSense is great :-)

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