Certificate for HTTPS maintenance

  • A newbie question :

    How can I get the HTTPS maintenance (locally or remote by enabling in firewall) without the untrusted certificate message to override everytime ???

    Should I import the self-signed webconfigurator defaul certificate present in the System-> Certificate Manager section ???? (tried but no working)

    Is there anyone of you so patient to describe a step-by-step procedure ???

    Thank you very much

  • If you download the root certificate and put that in your trusted certificate store in in the browser of the computer you are logging in with AND its common name etc etc are properly constructed, you will no longer get errors.  (I actually feel like ALOT of what goes on with certs and browsers is put there to make you feel uneasy unless you or someone else has paid a cert authority for a signed cert. - basically extortion on the stupid)

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