Squid3 and Captive portal Help

  • Hi Newbie here,

    I would like to know if someone has use squid3 and captive portal simultaneously?

    My setup will be:

    • User will connect to my wifi, when they open the browser they will be greeted by the captive portal.
    • once they input their username/password/voucher, they will be redirected to the squid3 proxy
    • then, they will be scan/block by the dansguardian package.

    I have already search the forum and found 1 procedure that marcelloc created (squid3 captive portal patch) but once I enabled it, The captive portal is bypassed by the squid3 proxy. Squid3 proxy is at layer 3 and captive portal is at layer 2 so layer 3 policy is prioritized over layer 2? am i right?  ???

    If anyone has the same setup as mine, please help me with this.

    PS. I already have a working wpad+squid+dansguardian settings but I would like to add the Captive portal features (vouchers) but I didn't know where to configure it (squid? wpad?).

    • Using Pfsense 2.0.3, Core2Duo 2.8ghz, 4gb Mem, 80gb HD, 2x1gb Lan card.

    Thanks!  :)

    Best regards,


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