Pfsense does not working on xen

  • Hi everyone

    I have installed pfsense on a xen server using qemu. I can not connect to the pfsense. It is not responding ping or the web interface. I have the pfsense on a private network and i am trying to connect it from another lan.

    I can only see the pfsense from a vnc server, i see the start menu, where i set the lan and wan ip address.

    I hope anyone can help me

    Thanks in advance

  • Unfortunately I can not help you, but this situation happened to me:

    I just trying to create a VLAN on pfsense with XEN. Everything worked, but when I needed more than 8 network interfaces XenServer not released.

    I do not know why.

  • Xen or XenServer? Which version of pfSense? Are you trying to connect to wan or ping wan address? Because WAN pings from outside are blocked. Also if the set up is LAN –-> pfSenseWAN ---> pfSenseLAN then pfSense by default blocks private networks from accessing the WAN interface. Even if you add an easy rule to allow that, DNS Rebinding and HTTP Referral attack protection means you will not be able to log in to the WebConfigurator. You are pretty much just better off setting pfSense LAN address within your LAN address with static ip and DHCP off and then you can log in to the WebConfig.

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