Openvpn daemon using virtual ip from /29 block of 5 public ip's

  • Here's my setup:

    I have a pfsense box with 3 ethernet ports.  I have a comcast cable modem with 5 useable ip's  
      (for the sake of example I will obfuscate the first 3 octets, so, giving addresses of with GW of

    I have an openvpn server daemon with clients connecting just fine on  Clients can connect to that and use that IP for secure web browsing.  I have another daemon I have attached to, but it doesn't seem to be able to connect.  The goal is for this second daemon to be completely independent; i.e. clients connecting using that vpn tunnel will have a public IP of

    Has anyone pulled off this sort of a connection?  I have searched and tried several different settings to no avail.

    Edit: I should clarify that I have set up the as alias IP's and CAN pass port 80 and access the configuration login page remotely over each public IP.

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