Support for MORE than 2 wans over dhcp $200? if necessary will go much higher

  • What's needed is support for a pfsense box to be able to handle 3 wans or more over dhcp, coming from the same broadcast domain.  Currently we can get 2 wan interfaces up and running on the same broadcast domain with no problem.  However, adding a third wan interface or more causes serious disconnection issues.  If this would be possible, what would a appropriate bounty to have this implemented?

  • The recommended way to put up a bounty project is to offer a price.  If no one takes you up on it, you can increase the price, but keep in mind that many of the developers have rack rates of over $100/hr.

  • Well i have absolutely no idea how much time or effort this would take, so i guess i could say $200 now, but if that is too low and this is more in-depth i will be very willing to increase this to a much higher bounty..

  • bumpity bump

    Is this something anyone would be interested in taking on? Or is this not a feasible task?

  • I'm going to look at what causes this and see if I can figure out what it'll take to fix.

  • Thanks cmb for looking into it.  Thanks help in the past with the dual wan problems as well.

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