N00b here: can't login to pfsense remotely

  • I have been able to get into other routers no problem before from a remote location (linksys, dlink etc) but with pfsense I seem to be missing something here.

    I can log in fine when Im at the office within the LAN, but at home I can't login when I type in the WAN IP address.

    I have made the rule in the Firewall

    Proto Source Port Destination Port Gateway Description 
    TCP  *  *  WAN address  443 (HTTPS)  *  rem_webGui

    Thats what I have setup in pfsesne.

    Is there anything else I am missing?

    when I type in https://wanipaddress it times out and does not load.

  • n/m

    I had to check webGui as HTTPS in the setup page, it works now :D

    Can I have it so that when im on LAN i can just HTTP and when im accessing remotely i do HTTPS?

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