OpenVPN - Tunnel Company 2 to Company 1

  • Hello, we will open a branch and want the company to connect the company 2 1 transparently.

    The company has one network
    The company has two network
    The tunnel is

    I want season 2 to season PING 1 as seen in the image below.

    Rules Server

    Rules Client

    What should I do to make this possible?

  • Have you tired making the VPN yet?

  • Yes, please clarify your situation because the simple answer to your question is to establish a site to site tunnel.

  • I'm confused because it look like OP has a perfect understanding of what needs to happen (site to site) and maybe just reluctant to try yet.

  • Hello, I'm from Brazil, my english is not very good.

    Grateful for the feedback, I managed to make the tunnel as seen on linl below.

    I can hold a PING Company 2 for LAN pfSense company 1, but I can not carry a PING from company 2 to a machine behind pfSense company 1.

    I followed some tutorials on the internet but it did not work.

    Today I am working on version 2.1-RC1 (i386), ie on both servers.

    If you can help me I am very grateful.

    Thank you.

  • Check that you have firewall rules on pfSense company 1 OpenVPN that allow traffic - the ping from company 2 might be blocked.
    Make sure the target system on company 1 does respond to ping (it might be Windows with a firewall that prevents ping or.
    Otherwise post your OpenVPN server and client configs, and OpenVPN firewall rules at each end. A simple site-to-site connection like this should be easy to setup.

  • Well - When they say they can't ping it, I'm assuming they can't cruise the internet over it either.
    When I hear "I can't ping it", I usually translate that as "There is no connectivity at all and I can't EVEN ping it."

    Are both sides of this pfsense or is one side windows or something?

  • phil.davis, already created a rule in OpenVPN releasing all (*), both the client and the server.

    kejianshi, accurate, has no traffic between server stations with 2 stations from server 1. I can have traffic between servers, only this. It seems that something does not pass the server, missing some rule.

    Grateful for the return.

  • This is a multi-WAN setup?

    Do both servers have multiple WAN IPs?

    I could see where if handled wrong, multi-wan could break things.

  • kejianshi,  the server is not multi WAN.


  • There are alot of people who are pretty expert at site-to-site vpn with pfsense, but you will probably have to post your VPN setup page to get help.  So far I only know your firewall rules.  If its simple 1 WAN pfsense should not be difficult.

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