Allow program based on UUID or executable name

  • Is it possible to allow a program to pass through based on it's UUID or executable name? I am trying to configure a couple of PFSense firewalls to allow MSN Live Messenger traffic through for video chat.

    Microsoft's website claims that Live Messenger uses a form of RPC and requires ports 1024-65535 to be open. For security reasons I'd rather not leave that many ports open be they incoming or outgoing. Is there any way I can specify Live Messenger specifically to be allowed to open any port it needs to communicate?


  • As far as i remember MSN uses UPNP automatically if it finds an UPNP cappable device.
    You could try the UPNP of pfSense.

    If you have security concerns: the UPNP of pfSense allows you to specify what IP's can use which ports.

  • Thanks for the quick help.  :)

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