Debug lighthttpd?

  • Running 2.0.3, we are building a app for pfsense, but need to turn on debug for lighthttpd because is a php app and we need to see what is doing, I see some debug settings
    in at



    This are the settings?

    enable debugging

    debug.log-request-header  = "disable"
    debug.log-response-header  = "disable"
    debug.log-request-handling = "disable"
    debug.log-file-not-found  = "disable"

    if they are the right one, how can I turn on? because if I change the file they return to the default settings, how can I manage this?


  • I'm not sure what you want, but if you're trying to permanently change the settings in /var/etc/lighty-webConfigurator.conf and pfSense over-writes it, you should edit /etc/inc/ instead.

    (Note: the debug.log-* directives start around line 1075 of /etc/inc/ on my 2.1-RC1 system)

  • We are working on a project with pfsense-php, but we want to see debug info from lighthttp, because is the web server under pfsense, maybe this could help us fix issue with our app.
    Apache logs help a lot, but we have never work with this web server.
    Is all, thanks for your input we will check that file, if u have more tips that could help us we will appreciate, thanks again.

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