Accessing clients from LAN

  • Hello,

    I was wondering what had to be done so that I could access remote clients connected to the VPN from my LAN? Say for example that they get IPs from the pool and that I want to connect to the client fro my computer on the LAN, what should I set up on pfsense?

    Any help greatly appreciated :)

  • With the default config you dont need to change anything.

    Did you even try it?
    Or are you just asking if you will run into problems?

  • Yeah I tried pinging in my example and I only get timeouts. Clients can access the LAN without any problem though.

  • A diagram would help, along with details.

    Your last statement makes it sound like you don't really have any problems…

  • do you use PKI or PSK?
    in a PKI the IP x.5 is the pseudo IP openVPN uses to separate clients.
    your client IP should then be x.6

  • Hi and thank you all for your time.

    I use pfsense in a loadbalanced environment (WAN + OPT1) with the VPN set up to use the WAN DSL line. My users have been connecting to the LAN with OpenVPN fo nearly a year now and it works perfectly fine. They can access servers, shares, query DNS, etc. I use PKI to authenticate users, but the IP I cited was just an example I picked randomly. My users IPs are like

    What I never tried to do before was accessing those remote clients from my computer on the LAN. I've tried pinging their IPs but only get ping timeouts, that's why I wanted to know wether there was something else that needed to be configured to be able to do this.

  • I'm running a PKI here too and i can access Clients from the LAN. It should "just work" ^^"
    What kind of clients do you have?
    Could it be that your clients have a Firewall that blocks pings?

  • I thought about the firewall possibility too but I've tried it after disabling it and I get the same results :(

    My clients all use OpenVPN GUI 2.0.9 to connect to pfsense.

  • If you ping the client from the OpenVPN-Ping utility do you get a reply?

  • Sorry to ask what is probably a dumb question but where can I find that utility?

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