Using OP Manager w/SNMP and CLI

  • Has anyone had any luck getting PF Sense working with OP Manager? I'm running into an issue with the CLI based CPU and Memory monitoring since the SSH prompt is Enter an option: and you have to choose option 8 and then hit enter to get to the actual shell prompt.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If it's trying to run remote ssh commands, use the root@ user not admin@

    Or even better, an unprivileged user + the sudo package + sudo access to only the specific commands it needs to gather info.

  • Can I skip the menu at all and instead go straight to a prompt without having to select the option 8? It's causing me some problems as I don't know how to get OP Manager to send select option 8 and hit enter and OP Manager support is telling me that they can't do it as well.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The admin user has the menu as its shell, this breaks running commands over ssh and using scp.

    root and other users do not have the menu as their shell (root does run the menu on login, but commands and scp bypass that)

    Use the root user, and you wouldn't have any issues bypassing the menu automatically if it sends the commands properly.

    Though scripting that kind of thing with ssh access is pretty dangerous.

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