Hostapd with AES-capable WiFi card = hardware AES or software AES?

  • I've seeking over the internet but no answers found.

    I have a board with Atom N2800 (with no AES-NI), and a high-end 802.11n wifi card (AR9590) with AES encryption/decryption offload support.

    Now I'd like to build a pfSense router, and with this configuration. The question is,

    Will hostapd offload the AES encryption/decryption to the wifi card? or use openSSL + CPU?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The FreeBSD 802.11 driver page claims that it does support hardware offload for that, but it doesn't give details that I've spotted yet.

    It may be supported in 9-stable/10.x but not FreeBSD 8.3, but at the moment the only way to know would be to try.

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