Video Streaming over wifi

  • Hello I have recently gotten pfsense set up. I have a router that is wired only and using my old linsys e2500 as a wireless access point.
    When I am watching youtube videos and others I can not seek through the video. My roommate has also had issues downloading over itunes on his phone.
    I have HAVP and Snort running is there anything that could be causing this that is a common problem.

  • Distance? Band crowding?  Improperly indexed audio/video indexing in the video files.

    Wired is better, of course.

  • Yea im running as much as I can over wired. When I was just running the e2500 with ddwrt I had no such problems with the wireless so Im beginning to think it could be something to do with HAVP or snort.  ???

  • Depends on how you are streaming the files.  If you are using some file transfer mechanism on port 80, could be HAPV but more likely snort if its anything at all.

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