Radius Server

  • Hi,

    I wish to set up a stand alone radius in pf of course. I have 3 local server setup in 3 home. I don't know if it's possible since this is just an idea and I need your expertise on this issue.

    I was thinking to set-up a radius server, to be set in my home,  where I will generate vouchers and allocate it to a would-be local server's users. I am planning to have 3 local server to be set-up in three different location, so that whenever a user despite of location, voucher is authenticated in the radius.

    I don't know if this is possible as this is just my imagination.

    If it's possible kindly please do lend me a tutorial for it? I have already uploaded a captive portals to the would-be 3 local servers.

    Do I need to upload a captive portal to the radius server?

    Help I need:

    1. How to configure a radius server to authenticate vouchers logged from 3 local servers from 3 different locations?
    2. What will be the configuration of the local servers?

    Any advise and tutorials is highly appreciated.


  • You need to setup CaptivePortal on pfsense. On CaptivePortal you can enable voucherns and - if I am correct - you can configure another pfsense to sync these couchers to. But I am not really sure if this is working.

    Another possibility could be to setup CaptivePortal and freeradius (additional pfsense package) and configure users with username/password. freeradius users can be synced to another freeradius server.

    So you could setup 3 pfsense, 3 CaptivePortal and 3 freeradius servers and sync the freeradius servers or just one freeradius server on one location and all 3 CaptivePortals connect to this freeradius server.

    Not matter which way you choose you need to connect your pfsense to each other - with VPN for example.

  • Thanks! I will look on that link. But also I am looking for the technical set-up I mean the how to's to set up the radius.

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