Webmail and captive portal

  • I have a nice captive portal system running. very simple. works good. this is a hotel

    however i cannot ever log in to my webmail account with my hosting provider. for some reason my webmail always shows invalid password. i am using squirrel mail. i have no problem with this same computer anywhere else.  i also cannot retrieve mail using my android phone and the K9 client, even after the phone authenticates via the captive portal.

    I don't have any special packages running except openvpn for remote maintenance of the system.  I don't have any special firewall rules to block my hosting company.

    My concern is not really me but other guests of the hotel having the same issue.

  • Just to follow up, it was not the captive portal blocking webmail but the hosting company blocking traffic from the IP attached to the pfsense machine. Weird. They claimed too many unsuccessful login attempts to an email account.

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