OpenVPN - No Internet access on Client

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to set up an OpenVPN connection between our two campuses.

    Main campus (pfsense VPN server):
    Second campus (pfsense VPN client):
    Virtual VPN lan:

    The connection works. I can ping the local devices from our main campus in our second campus and the other way around.

    But on the client site I lose all internet connectivity. On the server side everything works fine.
    When I do a ping on the pfsense client server to I get: "No route to host"

    I would like to use the OpenVPN only for site to site traffic so no internet traffic.

    Can anyone help me to find my problem?

    Do I need to configure NAT or traffic shape, how do I do this?


  • Ok, so PFsense on both sides?  Lets take a look at your config…post your server1.conf and client1.conf.

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