Vourcher INTERNET rule BEG EXP DATE ?组(单个)Voucher上网规则?激活和过期日期?

  • 如何能一组或单个Voucher设置上网规则,以及设置一组或单个voucher的启用日期和过期日期

    google translate:
    How can I set up a group or individual Voucher Internet rules, and set a group or an individual voucher activation and expiration dates?

  • captive portal?

  • yes

  • OK - So you want to be able to use captive portal to authorize either a group or an individual by using vouchers?  I'm sure that pfsense can do a single person with captive portal using vouchers that expire but I'm not sure about groups.  I've never done it or needed it.

    It is a common question.  Maybe someone else will know.
    If someone answers, I can translate it probably.

    我自己不知道.  我不用 captive portal.

  • ths!

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