Can not get connection

  • HI,

    I'm new to this forum and i have a question about vpn, that i can't get working.

    My situation:

    Got a static wan ip
    Pfsense 2.0.3-RELEASE (i386) running

    I have in my lan a Nas running (synology) and i would like to make a vpn connection from outside the network to that VPN server that is running on the synology.
    It has a build in Openvpn / Ipsec or Pptp server package.
    With my old router i just had to forward the ports and it worked fine.
    Now with pfsense, i can't get it to work.

    the portforwarding and nat rules are set.

    When i try to connect from outside the network, it ask me password en login and i can get a connection.
    But beside the connection, i can do nothing.
    Can't get on internet or can't connect to the vpnserver and access the files.

    Is this a problem someone else had before?

    Thanks in advance and sorry for the bad englisch.

  • Post a network map and lets take a look at your forwarding rule.

  • Thanks for the reply, where can i find it?

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