Is this possible to forward or nat to an internal DMZ firewall

  • Hi,

    I have the following network setup (see the file attached).

    Everything is working fine.
    Now I wanted to configure openVPN on the internal DMZ Firewall.
    Why on the internal Firewall?
    1. because I though it is ok because I want to connect the clients to the LAN
    2. because openVPN Service is not starting at the out site pfsense

    So I tried the following:
    I setup a exposed Host from the router to the outside pfsense and it's 10…. address.
    After that I setuped a Portwarding from the Router Lan on Port 1194 to the DMZ Adress of the inside .

    But it is not working.
    Where is the mistake. Hopefully you can help me.


  • It should work as far as I think I understand your network.  You have not provided enough info to find the error. And I had to assume a lot to even attempt to understand the network topology.

    • Indicate the location of the client you are talking about.

    • Show the forwarding config

    • Show the logs of the failure

    • Show the vpn client and server configs

    • Indicate NAT configs throughout

    That would help a lot.

  • Hi,

    I found the mistake.
    It was a firmwarebug in the router. The forwarding was not working.


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