Create a squid proxy to use VPN??

  • Hello,

    I want to send certain traffic through a anonymising VPN that I have setup on Pfsense. I was thinking of creating a proxy that when used would redirect traffic through to the VPN. The problem is I dont know if this could be done. It would need to support a few different kinds of traffic outside normal http/s traffic. Any Ideas?? Is there a better way??

    Thank you

  • I just a way to allow users to direct traffic to the VPN or a gateway that the VPN sets up. What I want to be able to do is share a Anonymising VPN between more clients. I guess a proxy is probably the way to do it but it would be nice to have an interface of some sort. If all else fails I may setup one of the extra Raspberry Pis or something for a Socks proxy and have it direct to a gateway, but I don't know if the performance would work well.

    So any idea??


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