Pfsense Under Virtualbox with Windows server 2003 host

  • Hi all,

    Can anybody help me with this setup.

    What I really want is to run Pfsense under Virtual box and at the same time control a Switch

    WAN - NIC1 - Pfsense box (virtual) - NIC2 - Switch - Pclients

    I have been at this for 2 weeks already and had tried several configs but my internet connection goes down everytime I enable TCP/IP v4 on NIC 2. Many many thanks in advance to those who can solve this issue.

    My setup

    P4 with 2 GB Lan
    Winserver 2003

    Router -

    Pfsense Box 
    WAN - DHCP
    Lan -  - DHCP on
    LAN1 - - DHCP off - Gateway

    Adapter1 - DHCP - Bridged - Gigabit 1 (Physical)
    Adapter2 - - Bridged - Microsoft Loopback Adapter (Software) - Gateway
    Adapter3 - ?          - ?      - Gigabit 2 (Physical) - ?


    Client PC's - Ip address? - Gateway?

  • So I got it solved through hours and hours of research… basically I got rid of MSLB and reconfigured everything. I now have a working server and network that connects to the net via pure software pfsense. Now it's time to connect diskless nodes to this server...

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