Networking doubt about subnets.

  • Guys, could some here please explain me this situation.

    I'm working with pfsense 2.0.3 i386, my box have 3 nics:

    em0 WAN PPPoE
    em1 Wifi
    vr0 LAN

    My LAN is working without any issue, the doubt is with my Wifi NIC, I first setup the NIC with this info:

    WiFi: static

    I connect machines there and they have a lot issue trying to communicate to the outside, they get IP from the DHCP service running in this NIC.

    The connection was like unstable, dns took a lot times to get back with answer, update task the took a lot of time and sometimes they fall with errors speaking about centos client.

    My LAN no issue.

    After of couple of hours I found the solution, I change the Nic WiFi CIDR and done issue fix it.

    Why this? All my subnets must be in with the same netmask?


    Any comment I will appreciated a lot, thanks!!!

  • Rebel Alliance

    I have pfSense 2.0.x working "OK" with mixed subnets masks, /28, /25, /24 & /22…. perhaps your  are conflicting with the PPPoE GW... i'm not an expert, just guessing ;)

  • The thing is that my ISP settings won't conflict with my internal settings.

  • You should have no problem with different masks. I have places with /22 main LAN and other small LANs using /24.

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