Move from Zerina ( Ipcop ) to pfsense

  • I'm using OpenVPN on Ipcop and a few users and I kind of was thinking that I liked to move to pfsense
    has anybody done this ? or do anybody have a Idea how to make this move,

    One thing I see is the lack of RSA keys, in a format that can be "just moved"

    Thanks for any possible ideas or advise

  • The key's are stored in the path /var/etc
    You could create the openVPN interfaces on pfSense and rename the key's you have from before to what they are called on pfSense and just copy them over.

  • Thanks I will have a look, btw any Idea about midnight commander that will work ? have not been able to find one

  • If you use windows i would just use winscp…..

    But if you have to use MC then ssh in as root and type
    pkg_add -r mc
    and reboot pfsense

  • Thanks

    Well I been looking around, the /var/ect/ and I did find the OpenVPN conf files and the openvpn_csc I have not been able to find
    the location for the certs/p12's or the list that is the same as the ovpnconfig in ipcop, but I'm still looking around, only been some days now.

    Looks like it not that easy to move the certs and users from one system to the other despite both are openvpn

    I'm using the winSCP, and has been for some time, super good tool, that and putty with MC then I feel at home


  • @IsNoGood:

    any Idea about midnight commander that will work ?

    Yes, installed it here and working fine.
    Add it from a shell: pkg_add -r mc
    Don't know why but it's not working until you reboot the pfSense.

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