Redirect inbound connections to OpenVPN server to OpenVPN client

  • Sorry if this question has been asked before, I've done Google searches without success and am wondering if I'm just not using the correct terminology in my searches, if so please just tell me what to search on and I'll be able to figure it out!

    I have a few Linux Virtual Private Servers (VPSs), each with their own public IP address, that I run OpenVPN servers on.  I then connect my pfSense box to these servers by having pfSense act as an OpenVPN client and I then attach gateways to these clients to route OUTBOUND connections from my LAN through these VPSs.  I live in Canada so US Netflix and Hulu Plus are the main attraction! :)

    What I'd like to do though is also reverse this and redirect INBOUND traffic that hits the public IP address of the VPS / OpenVPN server back through the OpenVPN tunnel to my pfSense box that is acting as an OpenVPN client and allow me to redirect the traffic to internal IP addresses.  My main goal is to have an e-mail server running on my LAN that would have the public IP address of my VPS rather than my local WAN address (which I cannot use due to ISP blocking of inbound and outbound TCP port 25).  Once that is happening I'd then configure the firewall rules for the gateway associated with the OpenVPN client in pfSense to allow or drop the inbound traffic, forward it, etc.

    any IP address on the Internet * -> the public IP address of my Linux VPS OpenVPN server with public IP address Y.Y.Y.Y -> pfSense running an OpenVPN client -> wherever in my LAN

    Sorry again if this has already been answered in the forums!

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