2.01 using a rule on a schedule to stop Internet access (LAN to WAN)

  • My desire is to limit access from a subset of PC's to Internet for evenings and prevent multihour online sessions.  I created an alias for the subset of PC's, by IP address.  DHCP reservation and spot check on system verified I have the source IP correct.  I then created a schedule for the times that I want access to be rejected.  Lastly, I created a LAN interface Firewall-rule (right under the Anti-lockout rule)
    reject protocol:* Source:alias port:* destination:* port:* gateway:* queue:none Schedule:rejectimes
    reboot the firewall

    spot checks during the "reject time" reveal working Internet access.  Ideas?

    some possible ideas:

    When the reject rule kicks is, it is able to kill existing sessions, or just stop new ones.  I need to be able to stop existing ones.

    Is the schedule system accurate to the second?  Assuming firewall is set to correct timezone and time is set correctly, If I have set a block rule to a schedule that includes 13:00-13:59, can I expect it to block traffic right at the moment the clock hits 1:00PM, and permit traffic the moment it hits 2:00PM?

    If I modify the schedule, or the list of IPs in the alias, it seems I need to reboot to take immediate effect, is this correct?

  • please note that I have searched and read the posts that the schedule only works on the 00, 15, 30 and 45, and that it includes the full minute after.  Thats why when I want to block only from 1:00PM to 2:00PM I specified 13:00 to 13:59.

    I have not tried changing my start time to 1 minute before I want it to kick in, maybe thats what I should have done.

    PS I have also made the schedule apply equally on all days of the week, I plan to do that fine tuning after this is working as expected!

  • Found another post that seemed to indicate that existing sessions are NOT killed when the scheduled reject kicks in.  I am not sure if this is still in place with ver 2.01 but I am going to assume it is.

    I made a change in approach hoping to work around this.

    I modified the default allow LAN to any rule  source from * to NOT alias
    then just on top on that, I created a rule that will instead enable source:alias and a new shedule that includes the times that I want it to work.

    I should be able to test this tomorrow.

  • The things you describe are correct and should work. You should be able to do it either way around (the negative after hours block, or the positive in hours pass). In either case, existing sessions/states/flows are not killed. So someone doing a download, for example, will have the download keep going. But users who bounce around doing different web stuff should quickly find they lose access.

    If there are still problems tomorrow, post the aliases, schedule and rules you have.

  • forgot to post that my change decribed above did indeed fix the issue for me.

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