Routing between multiple interfaces

  • I've 2 different interfaces operating on seperate subnets, LAN network can connect to anything on the other interface, AP interface cannot connect to anything on the LAN interface except for the exceptions I add to the alias which a firewall is created to allow traffic from that alias to connect to devices on the LAN network.

    My intention is using my phone, and iOS devices for airplay/controlling my home theatre reciever and eventually XBMC machine. Issue is these apps only scan within the same subnet for devices.

    So how do I get my phone to recognize my reciever and my iOS devices to do so as well?

  • Do these things in question use broadcast to find each other?  If so, that might not work since usually broadcast won't cross the subnets…

    However, are there options to enter IPs manually?

  • @kejianshi:

    Do these things in question use broadcast to find each other?  If so, that might not work since usually broadcast won't cross the subnets…

    However, are there options to enter IPs manually?

    Unsure, and no there are not options to enter IP addresses manually.

  • Check out avahi…

    You can get a general idea here:


    avahi is a package in pfsense (I know its in 2.03 as package anyway) that should aid in mDNS / service discovery across subnets of all sorts like physically seperate NICs on the same pfsense or VLANs.  Should (maybe) fix you right up  ;)

    If so, maybe write a how to based on your experiences?

  • I'll poke around this weekend if I have some spare time. its nothing i've time for at the moment.

  • I doubt its all that hard…  I'm sure you will have it up in no time.

    Just be sure back up your pfsense configuration before you start into it - Just incase you run into a snag.

    I suppose I could jump on the screen share again and break some more stuff for you...  haha  ::)

  • THERE WILL BE NO BREAKING. lol. I did plenty of that already trying to get the damn thing working in the first place.

  • 2.1 is being released soon…  :)
    Get that thing working yet?

  • What do I have to do to set it up, the package has been installed but beyond that…?

  • I've never used it before.  You will need to edit its configuration file to match your network subnets etc.
    Check out the web pages for that utility.

  • Wheres it located lol

  • /usr/local/etc/avahi/avahi-daemon.conf

    Found it, Can't edit it really.

    Editor isnt loading the file.

    Issue w/ chrome.
    Had to use IE. Fucking hate IE

  • You can also use firefox.  It can also be that an over-active AV can cause issues with your pfsense GUI.

  • I wonder if avahi might help some of these people who are having chromecast issues?

  • That was odd, Ive got a pioneer VSX-822k w/ airplay abilities. NEVERMIND. I FORGOT TO ADD MY IPOD TO THE FIREWALL RULE LOL.
    It detected the airplay device momentarily. it announced itself but when the iPod tried to connect to it,it failed because of the firewall rule I'll assume. adding the new alias in now.

    Now im just waiting for the device to re-announce itself if it ever does. its not popping back up.

    As for my pioneer control app working on my phone it is not detecting the reciever neither.

  • I suspect its not configured correctly yet…    You might have to screw with it for a while.

  • well if it wasn't configured properly it wouldn't have picked it up at all, and my receiver may have a problem. luckily its still under warranty.

    Half the time it is detectable half the time it isnt. I suspect that the LAN interface on the receiver may have an issue because half hte time when I look to see if its got an active DHCP lease it doesnt.

  • OK - When you fix that AP issue and have this working your going to have to teach me how too…    ;D

  • AP isn't the issue, its the receiver that is the problem. and by receiver I mean my home theatre stereo receiver. its an airplay capable device.

    And do you have a life? you're on here like 24/7 haha xD

  • YEP - This is fairly mindless entertainment for me…  I’m watching a movie and shelling garlic for food I'll cook later right now.

    I'm usually doing several mindless tasks at once - This is just one.  Its rarely so distracting that it pulls me from an actual task.

    Tomorrow I'll be teaching language and this makes an interesting distraction from it.

    Youtube Video

  • I think avahi is working, I installed airserver on my PC and my iPod can stream to my PC so. Its working.

  • You are the man - Lots of people have broken non-working avahi after update.  So, you are ahead of the pack.  ;)

    (Counting flowers on the wall)

  • Im special.

    Im surprised it worked on the first try honestly.

    The real challenge is going to be discovering how my receiver uses the remote control app so I can use that as well. as well as my remote app for XBMC

  • Sounds like you will be having fun.
    I'm glad it works.  Last two days, if there was a problem someone could have, they had it.  Mostly self inflicted.

  • Well it worked temporarily. Im not sure what the issue is at this point. i can airplay from my PC to my receiver, but my ipod wont pick it up. BUT IT DID before like I said. now it just doesnt pop back up.

  • iCRAP sucks.  Sorry.

  • @kejianshi:

    iCRAP sucks.  Sorry.

    its not the iCrap, its the stupid ass receiver that doesnt work right in the first place which makes it even that much more difficult to diagnose where the issues are coming from

  • Ok - Can you fix the receiver?

  • No lmao, its under warranty and I probs need a new mainboard in it, I'll take it into work and get it warranty serviced or something. Pioneer wants me to call their consumer support line first. theyre all like you need to make sure port 8102 is open on your router im like all internal network traffic is unrestricted get off my nuts.

  • They were on your Whatttttt????  That doesn't sound comfortable.

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