Scheduled OpenVPN Key Refresh

  • Hi,

    First of all for the math guys out there, this may sound like a huge waste of time, but based on all of the commotion over at Slashdot for example,, I am thinking about automating let's say, Nightly… new key generation for OpenVPN between sites on pfSense.  Let's say, shared keys for now.

    What the hell for?...

    Just for fun of course.  I was told once by someone that the NSA changes their own keys every 15 minutes and thought that the concept could be a fun exercise.

    So, with that said.  Is anyone interested in a package like this?

  • Its a good idea…  Would be great if the keys changed constantly and if the last key used would be the only key accepted for the beginning for the next session also.  I guess...    :-\

    I'm guessing you would be using blowfish?  I'm guessing....  I'd never suggest not to use AES...

    AES is NSA approved after all, so it must be awesomely unbreakable?

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