Need help with a bridge/firewall/not sure what to call it…

  • I have a setup as below:

    router device, WAN = 124.x.x.x, LAN =
    pfsense VM, if0 =, if1 =

    I'm not sure what mode to call it when I want my pfsense to have both its red and green interfaces to be within the same subnet.  My routing device has a public facing IP and it's internal is my default gateway.  The pfsense would sit between that and my internal network.  Both of the pfsense interfaces would have internal network IPs (red=, green=  I've tried to do this before but ended up with double NAT and nothing worked right.  I'm not sure what to call what I'm looking for in pfsense terms, can anyone provide a name and/or function within pfsense that can accomplish what I'm looking for?

  • Don't assign the same subnet for each nic.  Configure a BRIDGE in your interfaces section.  That bridge should give you in the end, ONE interface to assign an IP to.  That is how you would manage the box.

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