Help with IPVanish OpenVPN setup - $50 (or best offer)

  • I need someone to help me with setting up an OpenVPN connection to one of IPVanish's remote OpenVPN servers. My pfSense appliance is running 2.0.3 32-bit. Once the OpenVPN client is configured, I only want to route traffic to a certain domain name or IP block through the OpenVPN connection. All other traffic should go out the regular WAN interface. My initial offer is $50, but I'm open to suggestion if this isn't enough. I can pay via PayPal, or use a credit card through another service. Feel free to PM me for the details. Once someone has this working, I'll document the steps and configuration and release it as a tutorial to the community.

  • See this post:,66338.0.html

    That post has everything I've tried thus far. Maybe it will give you guys a starting point.

  • the thread listed above, i checked that, i had added an additional post to it to make it connect to ipvanish servers, all u need to do is enable AON and then use firewall rules to route selected traffic out of it

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