Pfsense on Bredbanssbolaget (Telenor)

  • Hello Swedish experts,

    We have a Dutch customer with a branch in Sweden where they like to set up a pfSense firewall.
    As I understand they have a broadband connection from Bredbandsbolaget (owned by Telenor).
    The provided modem is a Zyxel P-2601HN-F1.

    As you probably have experience with this configuration I hope you can provide me with the details how to setup a pfSense on this connection

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Theo.

  • I have used Pfsense with Bredbandsbolaget several times with no problems. Just use the provided modem and the pfsense will get an external IP - and then you can surf the world wide web!

    Or did you think of some kind of specific configuration?

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