Cannot connect to the internet

  • Hello,

    I am running pfSense with the following settings:

    IPv4 (WAN):
    IPv4 (LAN):

    IP address:

    As I try to connect to the internet it says'' DNS server is not available''.

    Also, if I try to ping, as example on Google, it says: ''Hostname lookup failure''.

    Hope I gave enough information to understand this problem.

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    IPv4 (LAN):
    IP address: <– what's this???

    What's your DNS settings? Pinging from where? Pinging works?

  • DNS server is

    I can ping from the DNS server.

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    Please, re-read the questions and answer the questions, instead of something else. Incl. the "<– what's this???" bit.

  • Apologize

    Not sure if you mean this: It is obtained automatically.

    I am pinging from the Windows 7 client.

    Pinging does not work.

  • Banned is your Windows 7?

    ipconfig /all output, please.

  • Yes, that is my Windows 7.

    ipconig /all output cannot be recognized.

    I am working on Hyper-V.

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    Uh. Run cmd.exe and post the output of ipconfig /all command here.

    EDIT: And what's with HyperV now?

  • **C:/Users(Name)> ipconfig /all output

    Error: not known or incomplete command.**

    Well, then it give me some options.

    Problem is that this Windows is another language then English.

    Maybe it is important for you to know that I am using Hyper-V.

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    ipconfig /all

    sure like hell works on any Windows regardless of any language. Why are you typing the "output" there? Sounds like you should stay way clear of any virtualization, considering you seem unable to use native OS tools to provide absolutely basic network diagnostics. And especially given the fact the Hyper-V is unsupported with pfSense. Is the WAN NIC set as "external" in Hyper-V?

    Regardless, wrong forum, plus a whole LOT more info required, incl. the full network diagram.

  • Edit:

    Yes, the WAN NIC has been set as external.

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