Squid not logging

  • Hey Guys! New to this forum and PFsense but so far I really like it.

    I am trying to get squid to log and I cant seem to figure out why my log file is empty. The service is running and it seems to cache fine but the access.log is empty! I have usually used centOS in my last job so I can figure out my way around squid a bit. Just trying to figure out this minor issue. Here is a screen shot if this helps. Thank you for reading.

    EDIT: I think im missing something very simple. Sorry in advance….!


  • Same issue my proxy is not caching at all. I have the simple default config and have tried everything please advise.

  • What version of pfSense?  What version of squid?  Anything in the realtime view?  Try going to every tab and clicking the Save button.  If you have just installed squid, you might need to either reboot the server or stop and restart the squid service.

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    Did you consider searching the proper forum, instead of necroposting to a ~2 years old thread with totally unrelated issue in addition? The OP posted about Squid not LOGGING and "seems to cache fine". Why are you posting "me too" and complain about "not caching at all"?  ::)

  • instead of necroposting to a ~2 years old thread

    I didn't even notice he was hijacking a zombie.  "necroposting"… ha!

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