How do I create a bridge in pfsense?

  • I want all the PCs take IP by dhcp router.

  • Looks to me like you ONLY need pfsense or perhaps pfsense + a DHCP server attached to a LAN switch.

  • is the network of my house, just to study, all that is virtualized in my notebook.

    I have other computers connected to the router.

  • I'm sorry - I know translations can be difficult.  If you speak another language, can you ask again in your native language?  I will try to translate.

  • ROUTER is a common router that I use in my home.

    pfSense is virtualized in my notebook.

    I have no switch, a logical network is virtualized.

    PCs are also virtualized.

    my only doubt is how to create a bridge in pfsense.

    necessary that the router do dhcp network.

  • I see.,12101.0.html,20917.0.html

    Most of what I've seen on using pfsense in "transparent mode" is in the links above.
    I've never tried it.

  • I followed the example of the links, and I could not.

  • What else is connected to your first router?  What kind of hypervisor are you using?

    BTW - If you are giving pfsense a private IP, and I'm sure you are, you will need to go to interfaces > WAN and uncheck the box that "Blocks private IPs"

  • Need to know what VM software you are using.

    For the record, I tried to configure a virtual network to test a voip over over a 4096bit vpn with virtualbox and couldnt get it working properly, yet I have the same physical setup and it works well.

    If you want your router to be a bridge so you can use some public IP's linked to your internet connection but managed by pfsense, you will need to make some changes to your router to put it into bridged mode which makes it little more than a modem of sorts.

    My WAN interface is set to ppoe with my isp username and password. I get a variable ip address to this interface, so my lan traffic going onto the web is not associated with my public ip addresses, I've set this to change every couple of hours to help cover my tracks a tiny bit more.

    I have another nic/interface in pfsense called Servers which is a static ipv4 which is assigned the public gateway ip address from my ISP and the correct CIDR to reflect how many ip addresses I have been assigned. Then any device (think webserver or mailserver) that connects to the Servers network/nic/gateway/interface is assigned one of my public fixed ip's either from running the DHCP server on the Servers interface or I can hard code the ip address on the device itself or assign it an ip address from pfsense based on its mac address for example.

    I'm guessing this is what you want to achieve?

    As the public ip's are not on the default lan network, ie its a new interface called Servers, I have to put my own rules in to block and allow from wan to servers and vice versa and Lan to Servers/vice versa according to what is served to the public and how much I want the lan/servers to have access to each other.

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