What happened to Wide Screen support?

  • This is just poor, poor, poor  >:(

    The Dashboard is very difficult to use.  Instead of having everything on one page, you have to scroll, and scroll, and scroll….

    Please fix


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    WS support has never been there… so, dunno what should have happened to it. (The patched theme that's been floating around here needs quite a bit of work to get shipped.)

  • @doktornotor:
    As a "hero" member, you should know better than to post the comment you did…  Widescreen was a package that is invaluable.  If you did work in a datacenter you will understand the need to see your dashboard at a glance.  Scrolling makes for missing stuff and hard to manage.

    If you disagree, visit any of the other topics regarding the widescreen problem and you will see, I am not the only one.

    Productivity just took a bit of a dive...

    PS - From the following screenshot you will also see that the new dashboard has some problems after an upgrade:

    ![services dashboard.png](/public/imported_attachments/1/services dashboard.png)
    ![services dashboard.png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/services dashboard.png_thumb)

  • It was always a dodgy package.  Never really worked well for me, but yes - It would be nice to have a stable, working, non-glitch wid screen them that didn't break things.

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    2.0.3 has widescreen that wasnt implemented in 2.1 since some thought it came too late before release.

    For me 2.1 is useless running 200+ VLANS if I doesnt have 4-6 columns on the screen… Then I would have to scroll all day long...

  • If 2.03 was working for you and you need wide screen, you know what they say.

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it.  Other than just wanting to try out 2.1 I had no necessity to upgrade.  Do you?

    Maybe wide-screen will get a fix soon.  Then upgrade.

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    Agree! 2.0.3 is working perfectly :)

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