Fantom rules

  • In preparation of the upgrade to 2.1 release, yesterday I went through all the FW / NAT rules and aliases and cleaned up what is not needed. When I tried to delete an alias, I got an error saying that it was in use by FW rule, but when I checked the rule was not visible. I then exported the entire config file and sure enough in the FW rules section there were a couple of old disabled rules I thought I deleted a while ago. I removed them from the xml file and re imported it and then I was able to delete the alias from the UI.

    Is this normal? Why would a disabled rule in the config not be visible in the web UI?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    That can happen if you deleted an interface (e.g. OPTx) but I thought we started wiping those out in 2.x and later. If it was deleted back when it was a 1.2.x box I could see it still being there.

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