Vmware, pfSense & two NIC's

  • I have following setup:
    PC with two LAN cards, one is connected with crossover cable to DSL modem (PPoE), and other card is LAN card.
    DSL modem has IP of
    PC on which VMware is set has IP
    IP of pfSense is

    pfSense is running under vmware on this PC.

    It all works great for other PC's in network, however… issue is with network access on PC vmware is on.
    Problem is I get two default routes!
    One is set manually, in network config by me (, which works fine, however as I let DHCP figure out IP for connecting to DSL modem, I also get under main PC 2nd default route as - which ofc from main OS I can't connect to, and messes up internet access, so I have manually to do: route delete to make it work.

    Any ideas how ti fix this, and avoid my PC setting 2nd default route?

  • This isn't a recommended configuration, but it's workable. You need to not bind TCP/IP on the NIC going to the DSL modem, from your host OS. On Windows, that means going into the properties of that NIC on the host OS, and unchecking every protocol except the VMware Bridge one. Then customize one of your VMnets to bridge to that interface, and assign pfSense's WAN interface to that VMnet.

  • It works this way correctly!
    Tnx! :)

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