N-draft (802.11n) support

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    I was wondering if there is wireless 802.11n hardware which is already supported under PfSense/FreeBSD?

    I currently have a NetGear WN311B (Rangemax Next Wireless-N PCI adapter to be exact).  It works great under windows and Linux (using NDISwrapper). I have tried to build a module for it under FreeBSD but so far failed to do so. The card is using a Broadcom 43xx chip (as far as I know) and I thought that these were support by NDISGen.

    Anyway, does someone know of supported PfSense n-draft HW?

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  • Freebsd HEAD has 11n support in net80211 but there is no drivers, iirc Sam Leffler stated that there might be support before christmas, but no promises as this will require a LOT of work. I assume that the first supported 802.11n card will be Atheros based. However I have heard reports of success with ndisulator and BCM based cards.


  • I'm interested in adding n-draft PCI(e) card support to my pfSense setup.

    If all MadWifi supported cards should work, how about this one?


    Shows supported here: http://madwifi.org/wiki/Compatibility/D-Link

    Worth buying and trying? Though I'd have to get a new mobo to have the PCIe slot!


  • @caseystone:

    If all MadWifi supported cards should work, how about this one?

    pfSense is NOT linux –> if MadWifi supports it, it doesnt mean FreeBSD supports it.

    Your best bet to get something, would probably be to see what chip this card uses and google if someone got a card based on that chip working under FreeBSD.

  • I see.

    My confusion was the 4th post in the sticky post -> http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,3246.0.html

    It says that the question of which cards are supported has been asked many times and gives a link to the MadWifi compatibility page.

    Does anyone know what are some other Atheros Draft-N cards to try?

    I see that there are a number of RAlink Draft-N cards on the market, and that FreeBSD 7 supports some of them… any chance of that chipset being supported in  pfSense?


  • I too am in the market for a new router. PfSense seems great, but if I'm gonna get (or make) a new router, I want it to have N support. I'll be lurkin' here waiting to find out what hardware is supported before I take the plunge into PfSense though.

  • Just remember that 802.11n isn't a standard yet, it's all still draft.  This means that anything you buy just now that claims N support may not be compatible with the final standard.

  • I realize N is just a draft at the moment. Its not stopping companies like netgear, buffalo, d-link, and linksys from making routers though, so why should it stop us. I doubt the spec will change all that much from the draft now, though I could be wrong, its a gamble I am full willing to take. Besides. My router is crapping out now. I need a new router now, I want a pfSense router, and I want/need more bandwidth. I'm willing to go with draft-N and I do so with a full understanding of the risk. That being said, does anyone know of any hardware I can buy that pfSense supports now that will give me full 2.4 and 5ghz N support.

    And after all, If the spec does change, the worst thing I'd have to do is buy a new card for my router and PCs.

    Please tell me there is something that can give me the N speeds I crave.

  • google-power  ::)

    Wireless: FreeBSD 7.0 ships with significantly enhanced wireless support, including high-power Atheros-based cards, new drivers for Ralink, Intel, and ZyDAS cards, WPA, background scanning and roaming, and 802.11n.


    There is 11n support in net80211 in HEAD but no drivers to hookup. 
    There may be support for using Atheros parts without tx aggregarion
    before the end of the year but that will require a fair amount of work. 
    Operation with legacy tx rates should be usable now (according to
    reports) w/ the hal at http://www.freebsd.org/~sam.

    I expect good 11n support to come first for Marvell and Intel parts.


  • I see that the last entry in this topic was January 25, 2008, 02:29:35 am. Have there been any further developments in regards to cards/drivers/support for the 802.11n draft yet? I am looking to upgrade my current PFsense router and would like to include 802.11n support.

  • It was 08:29:35 for me :p
    If you want to know more about the developement of 802.11n you're better off on the FreeBSD mailing-list or the IRC than here.

  • For now do not hope on drivers unless you want to go the ndisgen part.
    That's what i use for my own 802.11n card that is a broadcom 43xx something.

    I maybe will find someday the time to make it work with freebsd drivers since the basics of the driver are in some drivers added to head of freebsd.

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