Need help deciding between port forwarding or select routing

  • hi,

    i've finally set up my pfsense box with openvpn and it's working fine. all traffic is using it, but of course my port forwarding doesn't work any more.
    so is it easier to set up port forwarding rules or to set it up to allow only certain ip addresses over the vpn?
    the former seems complicated (to my pea brain) and the latter makes more sense to me since not all my pc's need to use the vpn.
    i have read through lots of the forums but can't find anything with simple clear instructions.

    i looked at ericab's post #21 at,29944.15.html

    but it seemed a bit vague.
    am i supposed to do something with the rules i've already created? any modifications?
    do i move this rule to the top or just type away and save?
    will this allow all traffic to bypass the vpn and only allow the designated ip address to use it?


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