Example of new forum feature: Topic solved!

  • To add more overview and make the forums more readable for quick readers we added a new feature that colors messages in the forum. Messages from the thread starter will be colored yellow within the same thread.

    The first message will be yellow if the thread is not solved yet.

    After it was tagged as solved the first message and the message that solved it will be green.

  • The thread starter, moderators and admins can mark a message as "solution" or mark it as "didn't help". There are additional buttons inside the messages now for these people.
    Messages that were not helpful will be marked red, like this one.

  • This is just a message from the threadstarter.

  • If a message is marked as solution it will be displayed green. After applying a solution to a message of the thread it will be closed and no more posts can be added. Please make sure you want to close the thread before marking a message as solution.