Gateway Monitor not working with OpenVPN client

  • pfsense 2.1.0 used as NAT/Router to Internet with DSL uplink.

    OpenVPN client connects to a VPN provider (Hotsplots).

    Guest net (VLAN40) should be routed to the VPN provider

    OpenVPN client works, can ping remote side through shell.

    Created Gateway for OpenVPN client

    1st problem is that it only shows "Pending" and no entry found in apinger.conf. Could not find anything related in the logs.

    2nd problem is that apparently (I am guessing here) the policy routing to that gateway won't work as long as the gateway is not "up" :-(

    I got another OpenVPN client to another site which works well, including entry in apinger.conf and in Gateway Status.

    Any help appreciated, or at least a hint where to look deeper into it.

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