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  • In PfSense 2.1RC2 I have a working OpenVpn server I can DNS through the unbound package and surf the web over the tunnel without redirecting DNS at my iPhone (using PfSense Unbound).  However I can't seem to get a SIP client to connect through it.  I can connect from my LAN through the proxy but not over 3G via OpenVpn tunnel?

    I have the usual rules, OpenVpn to everything. I figure siproxd listens on the Lan GW and OpenVpn bridges or routes it's virtual subnet to the Lan GW as defaults.

    Question;  Are there additional settings, routes, or rules that are needed specific to provide connectivity between OpenVpn and the Siproxd service?


  • Not sure if this post should be in OpenVpn or Packages.  It does look like traffic is hitting the proxy via the tunnel.  No enough coming back perhaps?  Although the Sip service is reporting to my iPhone client app what my current $ balance is.  So most of the comm req's seem to be in place.

  • I thought this was going to be more difficult.  Turned out I had my SIP client settings field populated with the wrong authorization number, that would do it.  It also required the SIP client "force address" setting match the PfSense LanGW IP given the OpenVpn tunnel via Wan.

    Happy days…

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