PfSense on VM to firewall another VM

  • Hi.

    Let me just start by saying that I am a total newbie to pfSense, and networking in general, although I have basic-enough experience with linux and VMware workstation. I am so new to this, that about a week ago I thought pfSense was either a software or an OS, like Ubuntu.  :P But I am starting to get a handle on it.

    Coming back to the topic, I am trying to firewall a VM running Backbox (an Ubuntu-based OS) with pfSense installed on another VM, with the live CD. Now I want pfSense to only protect Backbox, and not interfere with the host, i.e. Windows 8. I am currently using VMware Workstation. I almost succeeded in doing so by setting the network adapters of Backbox and pfSense to Host-only network, and setting up only the wan interface in pfSense. I was able to access the admin panel from Backbox, but the problem was that the connection was only between these two VMs and there was no connection to the Internet. I tried setting up the lan interface as the network adapter connecting to the internet, but it didn't work. If anyone could shed some light on this and guide me, I would be really grateful.  :D


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