Ubuntu as client to Openvpn on Pfsense

  • I always see strange behaviour from Ubuntu when using it as client to pfsense/openvpn.

    So, I'm using the exact same server and client config for windows, android and ubuntu.

    I have a server behind pfsense.

    If I broadcast phone wifi and connect with windows and then openvpn, I can see the LAN just fine.  If I check my ip on one of the many what is my IP sites, it shows the public IP of my pfsense WAN.  If I connect to my internal server, the IP of pfsense LAN shows up.  All good.

    Same is true of android.

    But with ubuntu, I can't reach the LAN and if I connect to my internal server using my dyndns domain name, it shows the IP of the cell phone but then if I connect to any external server or a what is my ip server it shows the IP of pfsense WAN.

    Its really really weird.

    So, I guess I'll be SSHing into my pfsense to see the gui if I'm using ubuntu away from home.

    This is one of those rare things windows really does much better.

  • Solved my own issue with a little accidental help from marvosa

    In the client file on ubuntu, near bottom placed:

    route  (substituted my LAN Subnet)

    I haven't ever seen a good fix for this anywhere, but this is so simple.  Why didn't I do earlier (pfsense needs a facepalm icon) :-[

    keywords added for web searches:

    ubuntu linux mint pfsense openvpn can't access LAN TUN client

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