OpenVPN after connection estblished

  • I have two pfsense machines setup and I have them connected through OpenVPN (Status: OpenVPN show connection and sent/rcv climbing). So VPN connectivity is there. However maybe im a bit dumbfounded here but on the client VPN connection I have a computer hooked too the network and I am wanting to access the webinterface of a computer running on the VPN server side. How do I do this after I have the pfsense OpenVPN connection established? If you need more detail let me know. Basically this:

    Home computer -> openVPN (client) -> internet -> openVPN (server) -> web interface on computer within network

  • Use the IP address of the computer that has the web interface - e.g. if the server-en computer is then in the browser go to:
    If you want to access by name, then add the computer name and IP address to DNS Forwarder, Host Overrides at the home end. Then yyou can use the name in the browser and DNS will find it.

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