How can i pass trafic from openvpn client to network on other side of ipsec tunl

  • Hi,

    let me show what i need

    client ( –-> openvpn on pfsense A -->  Ipsec tunnel pfsense A ---> Ipsec tunnel pfsense B ---> Some network on other side


  • OpenVPN server on pfSenseA will need added to the IPv4 Local Network/s list. Then the OpenVPN client will learn that the OpenVPN link is a route to
    At siteB the IPsec will also need to know that the IPsec tunnel is the way to - I don't use IPsec, so I don't know exactly how that is specified.

  • i followed the same setup but still unable to access the remote network

    client ( -> openvpn on pfsense A -> IPsec tunnel to different FW device -> remote network (

    in the openvpn config,
    IPv4 Tunnel Network
    IPv4 Local Network/s,,

    when connected to vpn, my client shows this in routes,
    172.16.4/22          UGSc            0        0    tun0
    172.16.8/22          UGSc            0        0    tun0

    $ traceroute
    traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets
    1 (  59.329 ms  67.954 ms  62.854 ms
    2  pfsense_wan_gw_address

    so it doesnt seem like the routing is correct … what did i do wrong here?

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