Problems with the new Definitive guide v2.1 draft.

  • Hi!

    Just got my gold subscription yesterday and downloaded the new pfsense book in pdf format.
    I have problems with tables/pictures/commands in the whole pdf.

    All of those are bigger then the page width and continuous outside of the page to the right.
    When it is outside the page it disappears so I can´t see the whole table or picture.
    I have tried every kind of view format I can find but nothing makes it better.
    Tested on Android, Win7 with adobe reader and on Ubuntu with the same result.

    Anyone else that have that problem?

    For example table 2.5 on page 27 and the code to prefer IPv4 on page 43.
    I have made 2 screenshot of the problem but I don´t want to publish them here since I don´t know if I am allowed to do that.


  • Yup, me too.

    Acrobat Reader, Nitro Pro and Nitro Reader.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    We've had that problem before with some of the images. As we go through and refine the text during the editing process we'll clean that up. It is still a draft, after all. :)

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