PfSense is Brilliant

  • Just to say thanks to all you guys from a South African, where they charge us a fortune to use internet.
    pfSense with a couple of wireless routers has saved a big group of us plenty. Really appreciate it.

    Just one Question:
    I know there is a feature in Captive Portal that deletes a user at a a certain date
    and i was wondering if you guys where ever goin to add a feature that lets you set
    a limit to the amount bandwidth that user may use with in that amount of time??

    Thanks Again

  • Thanks for the feedback :-)

    You could do what you want by using an external radiusserver with accounting, however there are limitations when using the reauthenticate every minute option with a lot of users. how many users are sitting on your captive portal (concurrent sessions, not useraccounts)?

  • Sorry think i was a bit unclear in my last message.

    i always set the time limit to 30days later but i'd like it to cut them off earlier if they reach a limit like 500MB etc. but each limit would be different because not every one uses the same amount of bandwidth. so its not fair for everyone to pay the same amount when others use it more then some.

    At the moment i use Bandwidthd with static IP addresses assigned, to monitor it manually but its not the best method cus i can't check it all the time.

    there are less then 15 users max 20. at most about 10 concurrent sessions but generally about 5 or 6

  • An external radiusserver with accounting should work for you then. It won't delete the accounts automatically but it would lock them down if their traffic quota is reached. You probably could add some kind of cleanupscript at your radius server to delete accounts that have run out of volume.

  • Thanks for the idea will look into it  :)

    umm would i be able to use the free radius package instead of an external radius server??

  • Should work but I don't know the current state of this package and if it does offer accounting for the users.

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