IGMP Proxy on Site to Site

  • Hey guys I currently have a site to site setup with OpenVPN (Shared Keys)

    Site A = (server pfsense)
    Site B = (client pfsense)

    It's working great!  I can ping the IP of any computer on either network!

    I now want to allow the Mac Bonjour service to travel from Site A to Site B so that I can just "Browse" when I am on a Site B computer it will list the computers on Site A.

    I know I need to use IGMP to do this but I do not understand upstream and downstream…

    In the interest of making this simpler... I want to broadcast one way Site A to Site B.  I know i need to assign an interface to the tunnel (OPT1) but how do I setup (SITE A) IGMP to say "Send all broadcast traffic to"

    Thanks for all your help and the awesome pfSense software!

  • So apparently for what I needed I was able to install the avahi package and set it up using both the remote site search domain and the local search domain and now everything shows up with bonjour!

    Anyone know how to pass on the NetBIOS stuff through the tunnel to the other end?  For example I don't see windows boxes on my mac from the client network… I only the bonjour devices like the macs and printers...

    Thanks anyone in advance!

    • Matt

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